Some questions regarding feedback

      Some questions regarding feedback

      Ok, before writing anything down here, I would like to know one or two things:

      1) Do you have any preferences on language? While english is fine for me I can still write faster in german
      2) Is there some kind of overview of the current status of the game, so we don't go off on things that aren't even supposed to be done/read yet. Are there things that are set in stone anyways?
      3) Similarly is there some kind of roadmap on the things that will be added?
      4) Are you looking for specific kinds of feedback (General Gameplay, UX, Bugs)?

      Hello Fleshgolem

      While im not part of the team i will try to answer your question as best as i can, GeorgS will surely chime in for sure and answer everything i get wrong soon for sure :)

      1) I would assume that we should make both reports and general Posts in this forum in English the reason for that is relatively simple as the game will soon be released in Early access there will be a international community giving feedback and raising support requests and Bug reports its very advantageous to use english as the main language on the forums.

      2) Currently we only have this thread Known issue list
      for the currently known issues. Im sure that we will get some proper patch notes in the future for the upcoming builds.

      additionally ive raised some issues in the Bug report forum itself, However dont follow my example for this as it was not the correct approach. On top of the Forum you can find the "Ticket system" this is where you can report Issues directly and also see which ones have already reported.

      3) i cannot answer this question, its probably save to assume that they have some form of "Roadmap" for themselves however we currently do not have something like this available as far as i know.

      4) All those things should be reported the more, the merrier however there is no benefit in reporting Duplicate issues and when it comes to Improvements for the game a personal preference should not be used to swamp the tracker with tickets.

      If you would be so kind i would ask you to read this topic:
      Bug report guidelines

      this will hopefully help you understand the processes of reporting issues, if you have any further question shoot me a PM :)
      (or ask them here, im pretty sure the devs will help you soon)

      Welcome aboard, nice to see someone else posting on the forums.

      So far so good, i added you into the Beta-Tester User Group so you can actually see the links Lordofriva posted.

      To your question 3 :

      Yes we do have a Roadmap. I will hopefully today write it down into the forum. The Roadmap itself will be present in the game on startup. With each major update you will get a popup in the main menu on start that tells you what features are in, and what features we are still working on.