Announcement Welcome to the Fifth Expedition!

      Welcome to the Fifth Expedition!

      Hello Operators !

      We are glad you trying to become a part of our Expedition!

      This Forum will give you a way to communicate with our development Team!
      You can post Suggestions, Feedback, BugReports, ask for help or just talk about the game with Players and Developers.

      We will keep you updated here on what our current progress is, and answer your questions and reply to your suggestions as soon as possible.

      The Game itself is currently open for Beta Testers with special Steam Keys. A Public Beta will not be available -> That would be more or less the Early Access release on Steam end of this month.

      We hope you will enjoy your stay and become a part of our Community!
      Enjoy playing the Fifth Expedition !

      Best regards,
      The Snapjaw Games Team