Sticky Game Guide

      This guide is not yet complete, more sections will be added later to explain the in depth mechanics of the game.

      The Basics

      In the Fifth Expedition, you will face a series of scouting missions. Your goal in each mission is to find the control room and enter it with at least one person alive.

      Once the control room is entered by one character, you can leave the mission and proceed. The mission also ends if either all characters are dead or the mission is aborted.

      To abort a mission, at least one character must be in the elevator the mission was started from. When aborting a mission, all characters not in the elevator will be lost.

      The control room in each map can be located via the radar (bottom right corner) where all characters and the control room entrance are indicated via a small dot.

      The control room entrance itself is indicated by a set of two blue doors.
      Control rooms usually come with heightened security measures that must be overcome before finishing the mission. In order to do so, often more than one character is needed. Although with skill and a bit of luck, most of them can be done solo, this is not recommended.

      After every mission, no matter its outcome, a debriefing screen will come up. Here, you will have to distribute your remaining food reserves among your characters.
      Giving a character 5 rations will leave them as they currently are.

      Giving them less will reduce their max stamina (and health if given very little to none)

      Giving them more will increase the max stamina and health lost due to prior reductions.

      After the debriefing, you will return to camp. While there, you can prepare for the next mission. The camp is split into 3 screens that you can navigate between.

      In the center area, you can see and select which characters are set to go into the next mission, by default these will be the same characters that were on the last one.
      The center screen is also where you can start the next mission and select your active skills (although this is not implemented as of now)
      You can also skip a mission by using the skip button. Doing so will instantly deliver you to the Debriefing screen and back to camp.

      In the crafting area, you are able to craft new items. Simply select one of the 3 available project slots and then select which item to produce. You can only produce items for which you have the schematic. But when building them you can build as many as you can afford.
      The selected items will be added to your inventory at the end of the next mission.
      Instead of creating an item based on a schematic, you can also select research, which will create a random item of the selected category. When research completes you will be able to select one of 3 random items. The selected item will be added to both your inventory and to your list of schematics. Research is not yet fully implemented however.
      In the inventory screen, you will have an overview of all items and the option to upgrade them, this is not yet implemented however.

      In the character overview, you can look at each of your available characters in detail as well as change their equipment.
      If a character is eligible for a level up, you can also assign points to the characters attributes from here.
      Once it is implemented, you will also be able to manage medical treatment for wounded characters from here.


      Use the W, A, S, D keys to move the camera.
      Use F1 through F5 to quickly select a character.
      Use Tab to open and close the minimap.
      Use Space to enter or exit focus mode.
      Use the Q and E keys to rotate the camera.
      Use Esc to open the pause menu.
      In camp, use either A, D or the Left and Right arrows to move between screens.

      While a character is selected
      Right Click on the map to order the character to move.
      Use 1 through 0 to quickly select their actions.
      Left Click on the map to deselect the character.
      Left Click on an object to interact with it.
      While selecting a target for an action, Right Click to cancel the action and Left Click to confirm.
      When giving orders, hold Shift to issue more than 1 order at a time. The orders will be executed one after the other. Give any other order to cancel this.
      Use I to open character details.
      Use F to have the camera follow the selected character.


      Characters have five attributes. They all influence the performance of a character during scouting missions.
      The default value of all attributes is 8, with 21 being the maximum and 1 being the minimum.
      • Strength: Reduces how much stamina is used when performing actions. Also influences how much Stamina the character has in total.
      • Speed: Influences how fast the character performs actions and moves on the map.
      • Perception Sets the characters vision range and ability to detect hidden traps.
      • Recovery Sets Stamina regeneration rate during missions and how much health is regenerated after each mission. Also influences how much health a character has in total.
      • Toughness Provides damage resistance and influences both health and stamina.

      Detailed info coming soon...

      Detailed info coming soon...


      Detailed info coming soon...
      • Armor
      • Weapon
      • Medical
      • Utility
      • Protection
      • Energy Cell